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Stranger Things

Netflix's Stranger Things: news, episode recaps, reviews, analysis, and more.

Stranger Things season 4 is just the start of Netflix’s new deal with the Duffer brothers

Stranger Things 3 cements the show as the YA series of our age. For better and worse.

Stranger Things season 3 has good ideas but poor execution

Why Stranger Things is perfect for product promo

Stranger Things season 3 is charming but frustrating. Here’s a spoiler-free review.

Watch: Stranger Things 3’s latest trailer reveals an unexpected villain

Watch: Stranger Things 3’s first trailer has lots of teenage love — and monsters

Stranger Things 3 premieres July 4, 2019. Watch the latest teaser now.

Stranger Things season 3: everything we know so far

Stranger Things 2 tried to make its female characters people. It should’ve tried harder.

The unlikely breakout star of Stranger Things 2 is unlikelier babysitter Steve Harrington

Stranger Things 2 is bigger, weirder, and — eventually — better than season 1

Stranger Things season 2: a guide

Stranger Things took a leap with an Eleven-centric episode. It should do that more often.

Stranger Things, BoJack Horseman, and the weird power of telling, not showing

Stranger Things 2: a spoiler-free rundown of what to expect

Stranger Things’ logo drafts

How Stranger Things got its retro title sequence

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Stranger Things season 2: news and episode reviews

The final trailer for Stranger Things 2 is everything you want from a Stranger Things trailer 

Stranger Things season 2: here’s everything we know

Stranger Things season 2: the first full trailer delivers a “Thriller” night

Stranger Things season 2 arrives October 27. Watch the first trailer now.

Stranger Things' political SAG Awards speech was about standing up to real-life bullies and monsters

Watch: Netflix teases Stranger Things season 2, coming in 2017

Watch: Stranger Things and Parks and Rec take place in the same universe

Stranger Things’ monster is terrifying. It’s also a distraction from the true villains.


How Stranger Things got its retro title sequence

Stranger Things proves we don't want totally original stories. We want familiar ones.

Stranger Things fan art is a gorgeous realm of '80s aesthetics and character tributes

This Stranger Things supercut shows how meticulous the show’s '80s references really are

Stranger Things, Netflix’s scary new drama, is only made stronger by its many flaws

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Stranger Things season 1: news and episode reviews

Stranger Things is a love letter to the X-Men's Jean Grey

Stranger Things’ treatment of Barb reveals the show's greatest flaw: its limited view of women

Stranger Things doesn't just reference '80s movies. It captures the feel of watching them.