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Politics & Policy

Vox's policy and politics team explains everything you need to know about what's going on in Washington and what it means for your life.

The balloon affair is a Sputnik moment

How this billionaire lost half his net worth in a matter of weeks

Stop treating unemployment as a necessary evil to curb inflation

The balloon thing is a bad sign for US-China relations

How you can help the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria

The State of the Union address's history, explained

The US’s empty commitment to a two-state solution

Did George Santos lie about everything?

Can you get bird flu?

The dismal state of paid — and unpaid — leave in America

What an abortion hotline reveals about reproductive care after Roe

Republicans struggle to get their act together for a debt limit deal

The forgotten gas stove wars

The labor strikes in Britain are years in the making

How Turkey is ruining NATO’s moment of unity

Inside the lonely and surprisingly earnest world of political TikTok

It’s now legal for domestic abusers to own a gun in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi

Republicans kicked Ilhan Omar off the Foreign Affairs Committee to get revenge on Democrats

TikTok’s master plan to win over Washington

Behind the scenes at TikTok as it campaigns to change Americans’ hearts and minds

What do we want police body cams to do?

The soft impact of Biden’s ongoing classified documents drama

The lessons of the 2011 debt ceiling crisis, explained by the negotiators who were there

Biden is ending the Covid public health emergency. Here’s what that means for you.

Insulin is way too expensive. California has a solution: Make its own.

Remember the Stormy Daniels “hush money” case against Trump? It’s back.

Alec Baldwin’s criminal charges and Rust’s chaotic production, explained

This stream has:

What we know about the killing of Tyre Nichols

Lawmakers won’t compromise on police reform. Will Tyre Nichols’s killing change that?

Clean energy is taking over the Texas grid. State officials are trying to stop it.

Ron DeSantis wants to make it much easier for the government to kill people

With coworkers like Marjorie Taylor Greene, what can Democrats do on oversight?

How years of instability came to a head in Peru

Trump struggles to define himself at his first public campaign stop

The fatal beating of Tyre Nichols, explained

What we learned from the Tyre Nichols video

In the last 48 hours, violence in Israel and Palestine has spiked

The Pelosi attack is the culmination of longtime GOP hate-mongering

The stunning hypocrisy of Bill Barr’s probe into the Russia-Trump investigation

Believe it or not, we are not going to be sick forever