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The Shakespearean resonance at the heart of the Succession finale

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Succession’s roots were in theater. That’s why it was great.

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Should we know where our friends are at all times?

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Reality, starring Sydney Sweeney, is unsettling, vital viewing

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Succession ends exactly how it needed to

17 Cannes movies worth watching for

Cannes and the banality of evil

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What was Succession actually trying to tell us?

The year’s scariest horror film is The Zone of Interest

What Disney changed (and didn’t) in The Little Mermaid remake

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny reminds you how much Hollywood has changed 

The latest book ban target: Amanda Gorman’s poem from the Biden inauguration

Puritanism took over online fandom — and then came for the rest of the internet

The Wild West of streaming TV is here and it’s free

The horrifying revelations of the Idaho student murders

In Brandon Taylor’s The Late Americans, art students scramble for money and sex

The surprising reason luxury goods are booming

This stream has:

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Why does The Little Mermaid remake look so bad?

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On Succession, it’s time to face Logan Roy’s legacy

The case for shame

On Selling Sunset, these Barbies sell a recession-proof fantasy

The Bud Light boycott, explained as much as is possible

How the Disney villain disappeared

11 questions you’ll have before, during, and after Fast X

Scandoval broke the fourth wall for one of the greatest reality TV episodes ever

The Republican plan to take over school boards may be backfiring

Taylor Swift is in her Matty Healy era

How companies sell you on the promise of “community”

Why is it still so hard for us to use the word “rape”?

Have all the beers gone woke? An investigation.

The return of the porn wars

There’s no such thing as a new idea — just ask the Little Mermaid

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Succession’s election night painfully shows us how cable news is made

Is Seinfeld’s Elaine Benes canonically hot?

What to know about Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom 

Why the Vallow-Daybell murders are among the bleakest in true crime memory


How A24 took over Hollywood

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom absolutely lives up to the hype

In defense of Raquel Leviss, kind of

Peloton recalls 2 million bikes over a dangerous seat

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is somehow the best animal rights movie of the year

Tucker Carlson’s TV-to-Twitter move could actually pay off

Hollywood is in its business-guy era

The Starling Girl delicately explores the gray areas of teen angst and fundamentalist guilt