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Coronavirus: World news

Vox's coverage of how the Covid-19 crisis has impacted countries around the world, and how world leaders are responding to the pandemic. To read more of Vox's coronavirus coverage, return to the hub here.

What the media needs to get right in the next pandemic

Is ignoring the pandemic a crime against humanity?

You can buy stuff online, but getting it is another story

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The long road to India’s unparalleled pandemic catastrophe

India’s health system was broken. Then the delta surge arrived.

The Olympics’ Covid-19 dilemma

Here are the most effective ways to donate to help India

How the Indian government is silencing its critics

The Pandemic Playbook

Vox explores the successes — and setbacks — in six nations as they fought Covid-19.

Poorer countries might not get vaccinated until 2023

How Senegal stretched its health care system to stop Covid-19

India can’t vaccinate its way out of its latest Covid-19 surge

Germany contained Covid-19. Politics brought it back.

Germany was returning to normal last summer. Then Covid-19 surged.

India is dealing with a vaccine shortage during a new wave of Covid-19

Global deaths from Covid-19 have now topped 3 million

What the heck is going on with the AstraZeneca vaccine in Europe?

FDA advisers unanimously recommend Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine

Ghana is the first country to receive vaccines from the global Covax initiative

India’s vaccination campaign is unlike any other

Covid-19’s economic toll in the developing world

The EU-AstraZeneca vaccine fight, explained

Violent anti-lockdown protests sweep the Netherlands

Why Israel is leading the world in vaccinating its population

India’s plan to vaccinate 300 million people against the coronavirus, explained

Facing a new coronavirus strain, the UK imposes a strict lockdown

How Melbourne eradicated Covid-19

In China, nearly 1 million people have reportedly already gotten a coronavirus vaccine

Minks are transmitting Covid-19 to humans. Don’t blame the minks.

European countries with spiraling Covid-19 outbreaks are shutting back down

The 4 simple reasons Germany is managing Covid-19 better than its neighbors

Why Covid-19 cases are surging in the UK

Experts say Covid-19 cases are likely about to surge

3 of the world’s most powerful Covid-19 deniers have gotten the virus

Extreme poverty is getting worse across the globe for the first time in decades

The new Covid-19 case surge in Europe, explained

A top Covid-19 vaccine trial is on hold after a patient had health problems. Good.

As coronavirus cases increase worldwide, an Australian state is imposing tough new restrictions

Australia just had its worst day of coronavirus. Yet health experts remain optimistic.

The global risk of “vaccine nationalism” 

Syria’s Idlib was already a humanitarian nightmare. Now the coronavirus has arrived.

Israel’s second coronavirus wave is threatening Netanyahu’s hold on power