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Your guide to what's happening on Capitol Hil

What Republicans should learn from French protests over pension cuts

3 winners and 3 losers from Congress’s TikTok hearing

Joe Biden’s first veto takes on Republicans’ war on “woke capitalism”

Yes, Kyrsten Sinema can win as an independent in Arizona

Ron DeSantis is using Ukraine aid to win over the GOP base

A little-known rule would make congressional hearings more transparent

Trump-era banking law paved way for Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse

The real message of Biden’s budget

Tucker Carlson’s January 6 lies throw Republicans into disarray

Congress’s attempt to overturn a crime law makes the case for DC statehood

The Ohio derailment is spurring Congress to actually do something about train safety

For now, the one thing Congress seems to agree on is China

John Fetterman is openly discussing his treatment for depression. Few politicians do.

How Biden could surpass Trump’s record on judges

We know more about UFOs than ever thanks to Congress

The House GOP’s many, many investigations, explained

Why Republicans heckled Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech

7 takeaways from Biden’s 2023 State of the Union address

This stream has:

Biden’s State of the Union 2023: Full coverage and highlights

The State of the Union is an opportunity for Biden to be more vocal on police reform

The dismal state of paid — and unpaid — leave in America

Republicans kicked Ilhan Omar off the Foreign Affairs Committee to get revenge on Democrats

The lessons of the 2011 debt ceiling crisis, explained by the negotiators who were there

With coworkers like Marjorie Taylor Greene, what can Democrats do on oversight?

The Pelosi attack is the culmination of longtime GOP hate-mongering

Introducing the new, even Trumpier class of Senate Republicans

Democrats are trying to keep the fight for paid leave alive

The House GOP’s questionable attempt to shut down congressional unions, explained

The paradox at the heart of the most diverse Congress ever

McCarthy’s speaker chaos could make Democrats more powerful

How Kevin McCarthy (finally) became speaker of the House

“We’re going to make them pay a price”: The liberal groups attacking the House GOP

Kevin McCarthy’s once-in-a-century House speakership failure

What the split Congress can actually accomplish in 2023

Georgia is a perfect example of the growing power of Asian American voters

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s unexpected visit to the US, explained

What the January 6 committee’s criminal referral means for Trump

Marijuana policy and a child tax credit are getting a last-minute push in Congress

Why the government is constantly on the verge of shutting down

The one big thing holding up a government funding bill