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CES 2018

Innovative sex toys aren’t a joke, says Lora DiCarlo CEO Lora Haddock

Full transcript: The Verge’s Ashley Carman on Too Embarrassed to Ask

The coolest thing I saw at CES: Forpheus, the Ping-Pong-playing robot

Facebook’s Oculus boss thinks standalone headsets are the key to getting a billion people into VR

Did Google Assistant win CES 2018?

Expect to talk to your devices a lot more in the future

Google is trying its hardest to keep Alexa from ‘winning’ CES for the second year in a row

Here’s the story behind the pole-dancing robots everyone’s talking about at CES

Ford CEO: Together, let’s take back the streets for living

CES has a diversity problem. And it’s well past time to fix it.

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Is a Chromebook the right computer for me?

We’re on the cusp of some of the biggest changes in technology in years

Faraday Future has a year to prove it can do what other tech companies have struggled to pull off: Build a car

What were the most interesting gadgets at CES?

More people will ride in self-driving cars in 2017. Here’s what they can expect.

Qualcomm’s latest technology allows drones to learn about their environment as they fly

Apple was absent from CES, in a worse-than-usual way

CES 2017: We liveblogged all the news and updates from Las Vegas 

GoPro is relaunching its Karma drone after an embarrassing recall

The TV industry is facing a crisis and needs to immediately embrace new business models

Autonomous tech supplier Mobileye wants automakers to crowdsource maps for self-driving cars

SoftBank’s humanoid robot Pepper is improving sales at brick-and-mortar stores

Predicting the Top 10 tech developments for 2017

Sling TV — a pay TV company — encourages people to stop paying for TV with its new AirTV box

Here's the First Episode of Our Newest Podcast, 'Too Embarrassed to Ask'

The Hottest Computing Device? The Car.

Ford Says It's the First Carmaker to Test Self-Driving Cars in the Snow. (But Google Has, Too.)

Lenovo Is Making the First Consumer Phone With Google's Project Tango

Swagway's New Swagtron Hoverboard Has Bluetooth Speakers and Apparently Won't Explode

U.S. Transportation Secretary: Self-Driving Car Rules Are Coming -- Eventually (Q&A)

Why Intel and Vox Media Are Teaming Up to Stop Online Harassment

At CES, Uber Will Get You to the Chopper

IBM's Watson Wants to Be Your Next Fitness Coach

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings on China, HBO and the Surprise Success of 'Making a Murderer' (Q&A)

FTC Head Calls for Greater Transparency on Data Collected by Internet of Things

A Chinese Drone Maker Built a One-Seat, Self-Driving Flying Vehicle

Netflix Expands Into India, but Not China

If I Had This Robot, Maybe My Editors Wouldn't Have Sent Me to CES

Mossberg: My Everyday Tech Wish List for 2016