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Campaign Finance

Where do politicians running for office get their money? What do they spend it on? And what does that mean for voters? We have answers.

The Supreme Court just made it much easier to bribe a member of Congress

It was a great day in the Supreme Court for the bribery of lawmakers

Senators allegedly dumping stock as the market tanks is why some people think senators shouldn’t own stock

Former Rep. Duncan Hunter was sentenced to 11 months in prison for violating campaign laws

Bernie Sanders posts a record $46.5 million February fundraising haul

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2020 Democrats’ campaign finance pledges, explained

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders raked in grassroots fundraising after the debate

Bernie Sanders posted a massive $34.5 million fourth quarter fundraising haul

Exclusive: 2 Democrats are introducing a bill to ban corporate PACs

Bernie Sanders takes aim at the DNC with his new anti-corruption plan

Cambridge Analytica made “ethical mistakes” because it was too focused on regulation, former COO says

In the race for grassroots donations, it’s a battle between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders

Exploratory committees, the weird opening act of the 2020 campaign, explained

Joe Lieberman nonchalantly talked about cashing in as a lobbyist during John McCain’s eulogy

Did Trump violate campaign finance law? I asked 11 legal experts.

Kellyanne Conway’s husband is subtweeting Trump — again

I ran Ralph Nader's campaigns. A political revolution is vital — and harder than you think.

For five years in a row, 40 percent or more of the American public has identified as "independent." But identifying as an independent doesn't mean much when there are few independents with a chance of winning on the general election ballot.

Superdonors are not pulling us rightward

Larry Lessig announces he's running for president: "What we have has failed"

Hillary Clinton's money in politics plan has some hits and some misses

Bernie Sanders is pushing Hillary Clinton to care about money in politics

Watch Fox's Megyn Kelly respond to Donald Trump's trolling

Lawrence Lessig might be about to jump into the Democratic presidential primaries

Bernie Sanders has an idea that would make small donors more powerful

The first-ever Super PAC criminal is going to jail. But the real scandal is what's legal.

The real reason Bernie Sanders is a threat to Hillary Clinton

Progressive favorite Russ Feingold is running for the Senate seat he lost in 2010

Bernie Sanders vs. the billionaires: Vermont’s socialist senator is running for president

Hillary Clinton: We might need a constitutional amendment to get money out of politics

Jeb Bush is stretching the limits of campaign finance law

A proposal to overturn Citizens United failed last year. Here's who lobbied to kill it.

President Obama: I’d love a constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United

Billions of dollars are spent on lobbying that we have no idea about

The GOP's massive dark money advantage, in one chart

A Congressional candidate explains how he became "hard-wired" to raise money

3 ways this election could transform money in politics

Could South Dakota's bizarre Senate race be Democrats' best hope?

Why campaign finance reformers are pouring millions into South Dakota’s Senate race

Senate begins debate on constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United

5 ways class really matters in American politics