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Nisha Chittal is the Managing Editor at Vox. She has a decade of experience in digital media and journalism, having worked at MSNBC, NBC News, Racked, Travel Channel, and more. She has also written extensively about for a variety of publications, including,, Elle Magazine, Jezebel, Poynter, and others. She holds a bachelor of arts degree in political science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Email her at [email protected] You can also subscribe to her weekly newsletter here.

How to cook and eat well when food is more expensive than ever

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The Future Perfect 50

The scientists, thinkers, scholars, writers, and activists building a more perfect future.

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Ramps, spring’s trendiest produce, explained

How Best Picture nominee Judas and the Black Messiah questions the meaning of freedom

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Rethinking Policy for Black America

Systemic racism is baked into every aspect of American life. These policies can help dismantle inequities in education, housing, health, policing, and more.

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Exclusive polling from Vox and Data for Progress on key policies

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The Hollow Middle Class

The Kamala Harris identity debate shows how America still struggles to talk about multiracial people

Can habit-tracking apps help bring some routine back to our quarantine lives?

The pop culture that brought us joy in 2020