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What makes China’s wave of protests different this time

Want to donate to charity? Here are 10 guidelines for giving effectively.

Poor countries are developing a new paradigm of mental health care. America is taking note.

The wave of protests testing China’s zero-Covid policy, explained

Qatar’s migrant labor system is bigger than the World Cup

What else Qatar has built with its absurd wealth besides the 2022 World Cup

Despite its brutal tactics, Iran’s regime fails to contain mass protests

Are 8 billion people too many — or too few? 

The good and bad news for the planet after the latest UN climate talks

North Korean missile launches may mean new nuclear tests

The many, many controversies surrounding the 2022 World Cup, explained

Can Ukraine’s infrastructure survive the winter?

Why America can’t seem to quit Saudi Arabia

The international missile incident in Poland that wasn’t

Biden and Xi met for three hours. It’s the sit-down the world’s been waiting for.

Biden says America is doing its part to prevent “climate hell.” Is it?

What Russia’s withdrawal from a key Ukrainian city means for the war

Egypt’s most prominent political prisoner is dying as world leaders arrive for UN climate summit

Money speaks louder than ever at this week’s UN climate negotiations

An atmosphere of violence: Stochastic terror in American politics

Biden’s hugely consequential high-tech export ban on China, explained by an expert

A peace deal could end Ethiopia’s brutal civil war. Can a truce last?

Netanyahu and the far right have triumphed. Here’s what it means for Israel.

Israel votes. Palestine is under siege.

Bolsonaro finally speaks — but doesn’t concede the election

The Pelosi attack is the culmination of longtime GOP hate-mongering

What happens if Bolsonaro wins reelection in Brazil?

Who would make Bolsonaro president again?

What to expect after Russia’s latest escalatory nuclear rhetoric

Joe Biden just signed an international climate treaty. And Mitch McConnell voted for it.

60 years ago today, this man stopped the Cuban missile crisis from going nuclear

The drama over progressives’ Ukraine letter, explained

What we know about Rishi Sunak and how he might govern the UK

How Xi Jinping secured his third term in power — and quashed dissent

Russia’s destroying infrastructure in Ukraine, and the consequences are dire

What broke Britain?

How does the UK come back from crisis?

The secret history of America’s tactical nukes

Why Liz Truss was UK prime minister for only six weeks

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Future generations don’t have a voice in politics. Sophie Howe is changing that.